There's not another place like it in the world - and that's what makes the opportunity at Bitterroot Resort so unprecedented and remarkable. With the greatest vertical descent in North America literally in its backyard, Bitterroot Resort proposes a spectacular alpine, snowboard and Nordic ski opportunity, firmly planted in a four-season resort village and residential community. It will be an environmentally responsible community filled with year-round cultural and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Bitterroot Resort is a balanced, sustainable business based on triple bottom-line principles that consider environmental and social issues, as well as (and not just) financial performance into account.  Welcome to Bitterroot Resort.

In today's resort industry, you can't have one without the other. This project is not feasible without the combination of the Maclay Ranch base property and the quality resource of Lolo Peak and Carlton Ridge. Industry observers understand that a sustainable, modern ski resort cannot be built without the advantage of quality base area real estate. The opportunity to raise capitol capital through the sale and development of real estate at the base provides the financial resources necessary to build a spectacular alpine resort, with infrastructure like high-speed chairs, gondolas, automated snowmaking equipment, state of the art grooming machines, etc.

The community directly benefits from higher values generated by a destination alpine development. Higher real estate values generate capital to finance lifts and facilities; these projects involve high-paying, skilled construction jobs. Greater capital investment circulates through local communities many times over through increased wages and the subsequent sale of goods and services.

Reasons to Support Bitterroot Resort

• Triple Bottom Line Approach
From its inception, Bitterroot Resort has been designed to achieve a number of specific social, environmental and financial goals. This approach recognizes a commitment to the communities and environment surrounding the Resort, and does not gauge success on financial performance alone.

• Smart Growth
Plans for the development center around pedestrians, recreation and open space. The retail/commercial village and housing are clustered to reduce impact and make better use of resources. Bitterroot Resort will be a model of sustainable development for the entire country.

• Economy
Recreation and tourism are Montana's fastest growing industries. As a four-season destination, Bitterroot Resort will generate a significant number of jobs while encouraging growth in surrounding communities as well.

• Recreational Opportunities
As Montana's population continues to grow, demand increases for year-round recreational opportunities. The north-facing slopes at the Resort will ensure a long downhill ski season, but Bitterroot Resort is more than just skiing. There will be opportunities to hike, bike, cross-country ski, golf, horseback ride and more. 

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