Tourism is Montana's fastest-growing industry, generating more than $2.74 billion dollars in economic impact statewide, according to Travel Montana and the Montana Film Office.  Bed tax collections will boost the state's coffers and provide increased promotional dollars area-wide. There is little doubt that visitors will find Bitterroot Resort a viable destination year round, but the economic opportunities for western Montana begin long before the first visitor buys a lift ticket or reserves a room.

Local planners, architects, consultants, managers and engineers are already at work on Bitterroot Resort. Construction will employ as many as 450 people when work begins in earnest on the chairlifts, golf course, lodges, Village amenities and private homes, based on comparable projects in other areas. 

Once the first phase of the Resort is built, year round employment opportunities will continue to inject capital into the local economy. Unlike ski-only venues, Bitterroot Resort will continue to need a diverse mix of year-round professional, management, consulting and staffing positions.  Dollars earned locally continue to benefit local communities; conservative estimates say that each dollar circulates five to seven times.

The economic possibilities reach far beyond the confines of Bitterroot Resort to bolster the entire region. Increased demand will likely foster new opportunities and competitive pricing for things like expanded airline, shuttle, mass transit and local train service. In turn, competitive pricing and increased availability is likely to improve the region's viability for new businesses, conventions and vacations.

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