:: Forest Service Application :: October 2008

Forest Service Application Form - Exhibit 1 :: View Map (2.1 MB)

Exhibit 1 outlines the four areas in the proposal for a special use permit: mountain biking and Nordic skiing, gladed skiing and guided ski tour skiing on the Bitterroot National Forest, and mountain biking on the Lolo National Forest.

Forest Service Application Form - Exhibit 2
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Exhibit 2 details the revised mountain biking trails on the Lolo National Forest. These trails reduce the length of constructed new trail to approximately 1.2 mi on the Lolo Forest and 2.1 mi on the Bitterroot Forest while using approximately 20 mi of existing road for recreation that can be enjoyed by anyone.  The revised trails complete a loop with the Bitterroot Forest and an extended trail network that could also include State land. This trail network of both road and single track will accommodate all levels of rider.   

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